How FreeLotto Works

In the interest of providing you with the fastest possible response to your inquiry, we have put together answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our online lotteries. Simply click on any question below and it will bring you to the correct response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday you will receive a RESULTS EMAIL. This message will list the games you played, the numbers you have matched, and the amount, if any you have won. The FreeLotto daily results email is the sole notification of any prize winnings and prize winners must claim any prize by following the instructions within the FreeLotto daily results email. In a typical month we process in excess of 15,000 prizes ranging from $1.00 to as much as $10,000,000.00. If you receive a notice that says ELIGIBLE next to your name it means that you can win that prize upon submitting a winning entry in any future FreeLotto drawing in accordance with the Official Rules of FreeLotto. It does NOT mean that you won a prize.

Like any lottery or lottery style free sweepstakes, you have to play to win. When you play FreeLotto you will receive a PLAY CONFIRMATION message. This message will have a subject line that reads "FreeLotto Confirmation "TSN" ########". The PLAY CONFIRMATION message will contain your Transaction Serial Number which you will need to provide when you win a prize.

In summary:

1) You can't win, if you didn't play, and

2) If you won it is your responsibility to claim your prize in accordance with the RULES.

You can play all six games once each day. Just pick your numbers in each game and register your Freebet® by clicking on the “Submit Your FreeBet” or "Play Now" button. After you play FreeLotto®, you become eligible to play the supplementary games: FreeLotto® Win a Car, FreeLotto® Pay-Off-Your-Mortgage, FreeLotto® FastCash, FreeLotto® $100,000.00 GiveAway, and FreeLotto® SuperBucks. For additional information, click on "Rules" link at the bottom of the page.

A TSN [Transaction Serial Number] is issued each and every time you play a FreeLotto game. As the name implies, it is the play transaction that generates the TSN number and the TSN number is required to claim your FreeLotto prize. Each time a FreeLotto player submits an entry, we send a play confirmation containing the TSN. Players are able to see their TSN for the past thirty days on our website.

PIN numbers are a unique algorithmically generated secure identifier of each FreeLotto member and are used so that when prizes are won, we are certain to issue the correct prize to the correct winner. Please do not confuse your PIN number with a TSN number which is generated each time you play a game.

FreeLotto is available worldwide - with a few exceptions: Florida, New York, Iowa, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Province of Quebec, Afghanistan, Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, Korea(Democratic People's Republic of), Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Peru, Sudan and any countries that are included on the United States of America Department of State "Trading with the Enemies Countries" list, may also be null and void. Void where prohibited.

First, in some cases FreeLotto is not available because the US State Department does not permit us to do business in certain countries included in the "Trading with the Enemies Countries" list. In other cases, we do not have advertisers wanting to reach those places.

Finally, in other cases the costs to comply with local regulations are prohibitive and thus FreeLotto excludes these places.

If you received an onscreen confirmation including a Transaction Serial Number but no e-mail confirmation, there may be a temporary delay in the communication between e-mail servers. If you never receive e-mail confirmations, there may be an error in the e-mail address you gave us. (See change of address below)

Also from time to time, some e-mail services are unable to deliver all of the mail they receive. However, this is not a problem. You can always retrieve the TSN for any game played in the last thirty (30) days in the "Results" section on our website. This is important because you will need your TSN to claim any prizes you win.

Each e-mail we send includes a description of the simple unsubscribe process to enable you to stop receiving future e-mail of that type from FreeLotto®. You may unsubscribe from each such e-mail type this way. For example, unsubscribing from a daily results e-mail will result in you no longer receiving the daily FreeLotto® results by e-mail. You may, however, continue to receive other types of e-mail to which you can unsubscribe in the same fashion.

If you unsubscribe from all e-mails from FreeLotto®, you will no longer be eligible to play FreeLotto® and win. If you play FreeLotto® subsequent to unsubscribing from all e-mails, you are giving PlasmaNet Inc. definite permission to resubscribe you to all mail types and your subscription to receiving email results and other promotions will be automatically reinstated. This is necessary because of the substantial amount of money you can win. Your prize notifications are sent via email and it is important to respond to these emails to claim any prizes won. Furthermore, it is the sponsor that makes FreeLotto® prizes possible and in order to play our games you must agree to receive our sponsored messages.



Once you are logged in, you can easily change this information by clicking on "Edit Player Profile" or the "Account" icon while on the Freelotto site.

To retrieve your password, simply visit the Freelottto website and click on the "Login" option.

From there you will see the "Forgot Password" option which will provide you with instructions on how to retrieve your password.

You can click on the "Results" tab from the FreeLotto menu, which will allow you to select a specific date you wish to see results for.




You do not have to pay. FreeLotto is and has always been free to play. FreeLotto FAST or Winners Club or FreeLottoPlus+ is a subscription service, which offers automatic game entries and automatic prize payment processing for a monthly service charge. While we offer a subscription service, it is not mandatory - FreeLotto is free to play

The FreeLotto games are legal because all FreeLotto games are defined as a sweepstakes and contain a free method of entry. The charge for a FreeLotto FAST or Winners Club or FreeLottoPlus+ subscription is a service fee for the convenience of having your sweepstakes entries played automatically.

Because FreeLotto is free to play, it is cost prohibitive to offer telephone customer service. We do, however, offer answers to all inquiries received by e-mail.

PlasmaNet, Inc. collects personally identifying information during contests or sweepstakes registration and this information is used from time to time as you use our website to: pay prize winnings, confirm entries, and selectively show you ads or send you promotions. We may share your registration information with third parties who may contact you by postal mail with relevant offers. If you choose to join any of our marketing partners offers, you will be subject to their privacy policy and terms directly.

To date, FreeLotto has awarded over $105,117,351.00 in prizes, creating 4 $10 Million Dollar winners and 22 Millionaires. Hundreds have also won prizes of $10,000 to $100,000 and over seven (7) million have won $1.00 to $300. We hope you will be one of them soon!

If you did not find the answer above, please follow the directions below to contact a FreeLotto Customer Care Representative and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.